The Storyteller

Having seen much through countless expression,

I know my way around, though, “Where to?” Is the question.

Drifting from place to place, creating worlds within worlds too,

I am a storyteller of sorts, with many stories to tell you.

I hum and I strum, whittle and whistle,

I’ve laboured in the coldest cold and picked many a thistle.

Forgotten and remembered, I endure through refining,

For I seek the golden thread within the silver lining.

A sincere yet wind-bound path, duty-bound to inspire,

For melodies change tides and words rekindle fire.

You may hear from time to time, from where I tend to dwell,

My name is Sayer Teller. I have a few stories to tell.

Be on the lookout for The Confounding Oddities of Lachesis Grim novel series among many, many more worlds to come.