And so, a wanderer does best at behest of inner-quest
Vying for chance upon radiant path blessed

“Where to?” indeed, for “where” ought not be thought
But “to what?” is an intention one might rightly arrest

© Sayer Teller

New FREE Book Release:
Footsteps of the Fool

Once upon a time, you were born…
You began to learn of the world.
People told you who you were and what to believe.
You began telling yourself what to believe.
Some stories you began to repeat to yourself.
Over and over again, until you became… You.
We all have our roles to play and stories to tell. Some may be given, but all are chosen.

Join the Fool on an adventure that transcends time, space and fate to remind us of what awaits within.
Through reflective journal entries and beautifully illustrated archetypes, find what may become of those who Awaken.

This is a tale of romantic origins, melancholic regrets, profound realizations, egoic death and the rebirth of the sincere self.

And most importantly…
This is the tale of you.
Now is the time to grab hold of your destiny, Hero.

Awakening awaits…

FOOTSTEPS OF THE FOOL: The Romance of Awakening
A Novella
eBook Now Available
Free for a limited time!

Paperback Edition Coming Soon

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