The Overstory

There are tales of wonder, that all may have heard
From under the story, that gift beast and bird

From leaves that are shed, and their temporal tales
The fruit they do bear, other foods, in truth, pales

The ones who once picked, want for green-hidden seams
The briefest of songs are their greed-ridden dreams

Wishing and wanting all night and all day
The answer does lie where the children do play

The simplest of stories that still do ring true
Are simply the stories that all had once knew

© Sayer Teller

New Book Release: Footsteps of the Fool

Once upon a time, you were born…
You began to learn of the world.
People told you who you were and what to believe.
You began telling yourself what to believe.
Some stories you began to repeat to yourself.
Over and over again, until you became… You.
We all have our roles to play and stories to tell. Some may be given, but all are chosen.

Join the Fool on an adventure that transcends time, space and fate to remind us of what awaits within.
Through reflective journal entries and beautifully illustrated archetypes, find what may become of those who Awaken.

This is a tale of romantic origins, melancholic regrets, profound realizations, egoic death and the rebirth of the sincere self.

And most importantly…
This is the tale of you.
Now is the time to grab hold of your destiny, Hero.

Awakening awaits…

FOOTSTEPS OF THE FOOL: The Romance of Awakening
A Novella
eBook Now Available Here

Paperback Coming Soon

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We all have our roles to play. Some may be given, but all are chosen. Wander with the Fool across the many worlds to reveal your greatest of destinies…
Kindle eBook Available Now. Paperback novella coming soon…

Get notified of the release for the Footsteps of the Fool – Paperback

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