The Tale of the Wind Vane

Miralei Wytchyll was out and about
When all of a sudden she heard a loud shout

She looked on below the white wishing bridge
And also looked further through every which route

About to give up, her search did come through
For she saw upon barn roof her eyes thought not true

A dangling man of, oh… four foot and three
Sought to use mill sails to prove that Fen flew

“Be a good dear and do please cut me down!”
He said in great panic to the girl from Two-Town

“You’re Fenfolk, aren’t you? Fenfolk cannot fly!”
“A perceptive young lady… Let me loose, lest I die!”

She saw a chance pair of what appeared to be shears
And began to climb ladder that led up on high

“Is it true that the Fen grant a wish for a favour?”
“You’re trying my patience, let not my nerves waver!”

“Was curious, is all,” she said with wide grin
“I wish to be queen, and have gifts of great savour!”

“Help me on down before naught is to owe!”
She obliged him so the ropes could then let him go

With one forceful swing he grabbed on the ledge
To prop himself up and spoke deep and spoke low…

“Here you will reign over kingdom you wed…
And all jewels and trinkets shall adorn your dull head!”

With that he then blew dust into the girl’s eyes
And she turned into wind vane, after the Fen fled

To try a Fen’s temper is a dangerous display
For punishing curse is the Fen’s chosen way

And on from that day, all folk, eld and fae
Do adorn wind vanes so youth may not stray

© Sayer Teller

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