The Gnomes of Olwazydd

Passing on by forest of sunset
I heard a small sound I would not soon forget

Their music was cheerful as were their fine tales
And stealing a peek, I beheld all details

Inviting me in, I saw layers of stone
And there did I see elusive dear gnome

They tinker, they hanker, they think and they sew
All a glad drinker, within a grotto

They shared their kept secrets of stitching the veil
When the gods had once granted safety from strong gale

They sat and they said all things over broke bread
And gnomish brown beer poured with nary a head

Fine morel with sorrel were but morsel of feast
Though truffle met ruffle, the buttons liked least

And when all was said, and when all was done
They tempted me back to enjoy in good fun

© Sayer Teller

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