Jrevanth, Land of the Shroud

Soon did I stumble upon the yon place
From having yet wandered a purposeful pace

The shroud did then part, and the light did pour through
The palace of warlocks did come into view

Bizarre bazaars littered slim winding routes
Carouseling banter bartered for foreign fruits

Hired blades guarded some persons of note
To protect them from thief, turncoat and cutthroat

With mystical ways, the enchanters lured in
To tents of all colours and dried unknown skin

Courtyards and gardens with streams in midair
And orphans chased out to then be seen elsewhere

The panhandler’s eye shows a rage unexpressed
A curse returned thrice to the ill dispossessed

A chance for the sly to be slier than thee
With bounty of death under sand-ridden sea

© Sayer Teller

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