Of Fair Folk

Not so far, insofar as then on yonder
Where stagnant intellect seldom does wander

Galloping freely, glad filly and colt
Near ancestor home of grim god’s own holt

They dance and they sing all night and all day
To do it once more, and in no different way

Tugging on beards and stealing from feasts
All in good fun, tease all men and all beasts

The ones who make light, are right to be sure
There are few who despise and are rather impure

The twigs of vile spriggan stretch outward to snatch
All festive fair faerie who saunter the patch

Sickie spawn hunt forlorn men, eld and fae
Flabbergasts stalk Odd Ones, so there is naught more to say

Though through their silly courts, the dark is at bay
Strange fortune and gifts from this world, should you stray

That brilliant gilt dawn and radiant hue
A druid’s dream dreamt under shade of old yew

© Sayer Teller

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