Heralds of Good Tidings

Bound to their stations,

These once-men of rusted steel.

Flaying heralds of good tidings,

To continue enacting their abhorrent deeds.

A hushed whisper in echoed chamber,

Those of reason, silenced and whipped before all.


“Is this not how the world has always been?” One may say,

Indeed it has, but what persists may one day flourish.

“To fight the good fight is virtuous, but to what end?”

I say to you, only time shall tell.

Not all “must be” when there is always an “ought to be”.

Before all could-be-heroes lie that noble seed of creation.


And I say to you, hero…

Arm yourself with good intention and good meaning,

For what “is” may seem unquestionable, but what “could be” is your righteous cause.

Shine a silent truth through cobblestone streets that lack luster,

Truth blinds the ill-minded that cloak themselves in insincerity.

Know, that behind the clouds proudly reigns the sun in all of its glory…


© Sayer Teller


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