Eluhaerth, The Sunken Kingdom

Long, long ago, when man spoke to bird,

Using melodies such as they with nary a word…

In homage to the Gods, a tower of pearl was created,

Within the great walls of Eluhaerth it was located.


Centuries later, during a stroll of his kingdom, the king of renown,

Lost his footing on the cliffs above sea, and tragically drown.

His eyes slowly opened, revealing many rainbow scales,

Encircling him were jellyfish and the bellies of whales.


He thrashed about and tried to inhale,

But he realized try he might, he could not avail.

“Am I dead?” He said with a confused visage,

But what he saw next he was sure was mirage.


The head of a woman and the tail of a fish,

Swam by his ear and asked him to make any wish.

“To see what has not been seen by man nor beast,”

“And an eternal harem of one hundred, at least.”


“As you will, my king.” The beautiful creature said,

And soon he had seen places never once tread.

“Now, I give you my home within the Reef of Time,”

“Make a harem out of the clams, for I will now have what is mine.”


The creature had given what was requested,

But the warlord in memory was indeed bested.

Once betrothed to the king, this woman was cursed,

To be bound to undersea pearl for her greed-laden thirst.


She had before stolen and killed for selfish desire,

But what she wanted most was his untarnished empire.

She had broken her curse, having her king take her throne,

He sank to the Reef of Time, turning into stone.


With a flash, the cliff-face above was then brought down,

A kingdom once his, now eternally drown.

The king had been tricked and was then forced to pay,

Because of his squandering greed and naivete.


Some say that the queen to this day encircles that tower of pearl,

Creating riptides, tidal waves and pools that whirl and swirl.

If ever one offers a thing too good to be true for free,

Consider the statue of the warlord at the bottom of the sea.


© Sayer Teller



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