A Drifter’s Oath

Shuck off the husk,
Unto the soil,
Through day to dusk,
From where we toil.

Break our shackles,
Heed inner quests,
A flame crackles,
Deep in our chests.

Wild fire does burn,
Stars seek for night,
So does night yearn,
For such fond light.

© Sayer Teller



6 thoughts on “A Drifter’s Oath

    1. Thank you for the question, I’d love to lead you through it. The theme is of letting go of the old for the sake of change, whatever that change may be. Imagine it from the perspective of trees. The poem embodies a symbolic forest fire. A fire that metaphorically means to have burned away identity and circumstance for the unknown. A forest can be seen as a kingdom, having grown for many years, and one of the best or worst things for such a kingdom is a forest fire, as it can leave nourishment for new growth, or complete desolation. Driftwood represents the remnants of the catastrophe, self inflicted or not, that has traveled aimlessly upon an ocean. The association that driftwood has with the ocean creates a duality between the wild fire and the ocean. Perhaps between emotion and clarity afterwards.

      The stars represent the embers that pour into the night sky, night again being the great unknown, and also represent wishes for something greater through its sacrifice as they climb. This can be applied to someone who has destroyed all they have built in the pursuit into the unknown. Whether it be to create something greater or not remains to be seen, but the remnants of their being finds refuge within the great vastness of the open road and among many shores. Though, as with all artistic expressions, I encourage others to find their own meaning within my works as well.

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