Silence & Stillness


The stories we tell ourselves become as real as anything, no matter how fictitious. They become us, and we become them. Perspectives are limited by subjective objectivity. We are unable to think objectively, as we are subjective beings. We can vie for objectivity as much as we can, but to do so comes at the cost of putting a certain amount of “self” aside, and even then, will always be an incomplete rendition of absolute truth.

We have built stories within our minds since the very day we were able to. It is how we make sense of the world, and how we make sense of ourselves.Β It is who we are. It is how we categorize “good” from “bad”. This is a power we must be vigilant of as it is one of our greatest powers: the power of self. The power of belief. We tend to believe our deeply embedded “lies” that make us who we are.

So, in that case, what is a lie in the context that I am intending? Before we can know what a lie is, one would have to know what truth is.

What is the truth? Perhaps it is what is. So, then. What is? Whatever the answer, it is an interpretation, no matter how accurate or inaccurate it is, and an interpretation is a creation. It is a version of something, and there are countless and boundless versions of everything. Absolute truth is unattainable for human beings as we are subjective beings, but that does not mean there is no point in pursuing it. Bringing together collective perspectives shines light in hidden areas, and will always serve as a greater interpretation of what truth may be than solely believing one’s interpretation, or perhaps a select few, say from a social echo chamber.

This is why I identify as an omnist. An omnist believes and respects all spiritual interpretations on one level or another. For me, it goes beyond that. I believe in your beliefs, spiritual or not. It is because I believe in you, dear reader.

Your judgements of the world exist, therefore I believe in them. I believe in people, but on a larger level, I believe in existence and connection and will serve it as well as I can in my life time. I listen and learn with an open heart to the good and the bad, the plausible and the less than likely, the painful and the pleasurable so that I may support and sustain peaceful existence as best I can. I listen and learn from stories and silence. Through this, I find clarity through the chaos of the mind and the world. Such perspectives, I’ve found, have been jarring to others. Just like with everything else, many form categorizations so they may be able to easily identify the perspective as good or bad and move on. However, it is simply another bundle of creation, or lies, just like everyone else’s, and the term omnist, I feel, will do for now.

To expand on truth, inner-truth is complete sincerity to one’s soul. Not the story we built up to be what our souls are. Not what one thinks, either, but what our true essence is. My stance on discovering inner-truth is this: silence and stillness can help one draw closer to truth than any amount of movement, thoughts and belief systems could. In short… Meditation.

For instance, whether it be the Dharmic meditation or a form of Abrahamic prayer, emptying the mind and being still may over time grant us the tiny ego death (Jungian or Buddhist, etc, take your pick), elation, epiphany or sense of oneness that we need in order to understand and appreciate what life is, and who we truly are.

One must travel within in order to move closer to oneself, and perhaps even all things. It is about letting go, and sometimes there is magic in letting go. It is about providing clarity. It is about sincerity.

I chose the word “lie” for a few reasons, at the expense of sounding cynical which isn’t my intention. It is a word, and words are as powerful as the meanings we attribute to them. Human beings are beings of duality, and a lie can certainly be a negative thing. However, we must break down how we perceive the word, as it has a negative connotation. Just as the word “cynicism” that means something different depending on its usage simply because of its common connotation, how we use certain words and the negative meaning we have attributed to them may have benefit. A lie can mean something fictional. It is a tale. A story. Created out of thin air. Much like what a writer does.

Writers are great observers of small things and great liars of many things. Be proud, fellow writers. We can spawn worlds within worlds. We can tell of the greatest romances, the largest battles and the strangest places that never existed, aside from within. It is in our profession to, for instance, reach into the aether, pray to our muses or speak to the wind to stoke our creativity. As my earliest spiritual experience was that of playing and speaking to the wind, that has personally been mine. Of course, there are less poetic or spiritual interpretations, such as talent, insanity or “it comes from this part of the brain”. There are so many interesting interpretations, measurable or not.

It is sincere to tell oneself that we are all liars on some level. But what do we lie about? And to what extent do we allow our creations, especially incongruent creations pervade into our lives? If it is simply how to make sense of the world, or to intentionally create something entertaining, many times it is morally acceptable to lie to ourselves. To lie to deceive others, however, is usually not morally acceptable, unless perhaps you are performing a magic trick or something to that effect. It depends on the intention and situation, and to be aware of our intentions on why we create these illusions for ourselves or others paves a way to being more responsible for our thoughts and actions.

How much is one willing to admit their creations within and without? How much is one willing to uncover and mend into more sincere ways of thinking, feeling and being? That is one’s personal path, whether one chooses to continue to lie to oneself or delve into understanding, and accept one does not truly know anything. If all of us were completely aware of this fact and only this fact, we would cease to exist. We would have no sense of self, our intentional yet unintentional creation.

We will find many stories inside and outside of ourselves, and we will interpret them in ways that will suit us (thus becoming ego), but they will always be a creation. A story. In this way, lies can provide some benefit. They are magic tricks to have us make sense of the world and to create within the world. But one must understand that they were our own creations. They provide solid ground for understanding, sense of safety and gives meaning to things. They tell us that things are good when they’re not. They push us into new directions when life feels stagnant. Observing the stories we tell ourselves, and the stories we accept into our lives and whether or not they bring us joy and a light heart may grant us a better view of our choices, views and path.

Sometimes, all we need is a new story. But more times than not, silence and stillness will provide more sincere answers. To be aware of thoughts and interpretations of everyone and everything we think we know about grants us the power to steer ourselves into sincere paths. They are all interpretations. They are all stories. To break interpretations and build them up again, questioning and refining, we may see through many eyes. In order to do this, one must temporarily let go of self, of ego, and cease the inner chatter to achieve such a state, and build from there with many states of mind.

Reshape what a desk is to you. The word “desk”, what you think wood, stone or marble is. How it serves you and what it means to you. Appreciate the laws, the bound connection that these particles adhere to, interconnected with each other. Something so simple can bring us closer to others. A floating particle may serve a purpose, but to be part of a whole may serve another. It all comes down to the meaning we attribute to these things, of course.

Breaking through the stories we have firmly seated within ourselves may perhaps enable us to enjoy many more with new eyes and a kinder heart. Love is connection, and connection is forgiveness, understanding, willingness, sincerity and selflessness. To develop much deeper unity with others, we must see through their eyes empathetically.

The story we have created about anything or anyone, including ourselves, is a lie. It is simply our story. It is a creation from what we’ve deemed acceptable. It is what we have settled with, and depending on how we feel and how we affect the world around us, that may be either congruent or incongruent. It is ours, and ours only. Ultimately, it is our being and our choice. Breathe life and love into the stories you’ve told yourself by first putting them aside and writing them within yourself once again on new parchment. With new eyes. What feels right to you? Embracing meditation, or silence and stillness may allow us to rejoin our lives with renewed eyes and an open heart, eager to tell many more sincere, loving stories for many more years to come.

Wander well, with a quiet melody pushing your feet onward and sincere elation in your heart.

11 thoughts on “Silence & Stillness

  1. This is one of the most beautiful writings i’ve ever read, or probably the best one. You’ve explained about the truth, the lie in most awesome way. I really didn’t imagined what this write up would be before i read he title.. but as i kept on reading i got into the writing.. was completely connected. You are seriously one of my favourite writers now. This small.. and a lil’ long πŸ˜‰ article taught me a lot..

    i loved that writers part..! that e are able to shape the thinking, create our own lie stories πŸ˜€
    Thanks for sharing!! Liked it veryyyy much!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honey, your words are always so incredibly inspiring! Yes, it was quite long haha! I don’t have answers, I only have experiences and questions, and sometimes we just need to frame the questions the right way to find our personal answers. Not to sound cliche, but we truly do hold the answers within, as long as we’re sincere about how to find them. I’m really happy this resonated with you!

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  2. Oh yes this is really true. You know what, I’ve got an answer of one of the biggest questions of my life.. I’ve got a path on which I’ll continue my journey 😊😊✨ this recently happened.. before that i was soo restless! Now feels really good. The answer was about what I’ll do in future and where is my heart 😊 i know it sounds bit easy but it took me a bit time to figure out the right for me πŸ˜‰ late but not never!! I feel so good and free now.
    Still finding manyyyy other answers.. I’ll find them! πŸ˜„ Hehe.
    Good day dear friend.. you are always welcomed! you can always rely on me for Inspiration and smiles.. cause that’s what i do! ✨✨😊

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      1. Sure!! I’d love to share πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ thanks a lot! You made my day!!
        (Screams around the house like a kid!) *Yepppyee! I am happy to be unique! Oops i gotta study for the tests! Lol* πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  3. Great post, If we were all omnist, there would be less hate in the world..
    For me, I am a Christian, and read the Bible.. a book that many consider fiction..
    A continual dropping in a very rainy day and a contentious woman are alike.
    restraining her is like restraining the wind or grasping oil with the hand. Proverbs~
    Sounds true to me πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks, Mary Ann. Fiction or not, it is a book that has created hope, education and connection for many. It is a massively important record of Abrahamic faith, and on a greater note, an important record of our world… One that should be respected. There is immense wisdom and one of the greatest stories I’ve ever read contained within. I continually enjoy reading it from time to time, both for literary enjoyment as well as for spiritual reasons. Happy Easter, by the way!


  4. Sometimes, all we need is a new story. But more times than not, silence and stillness will provide more sincere answers. To be aware of thoughts and interpretations of everyone and everything we think we know about grants us the power to steer ourselves into sincere paths.
    (I love this! I have reached this point where silence is more important to me than anything else. But I do love words like yours.) πŸ‘

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