A saddened girl separated from her class took a slow pace as everyone hurried ahead.
Was it because she didn’t want to be there?

Left foot right foot, the beat of her tiny feet falling toward the direction some part of her life needed to go.
Was it because she was in pain?

“Sophia, hurry up!”
“Sophia, we’ll leave you behind!”

Her teachers called to her, her pace grew slower still, all the while watching the gum and cigarette stained pavement go by.
Was it because she was afraid of home?

“Sophia, stop causing trouble!”
“Sophia, we won’t take you along with us again!”

It really shouldn’t matter why, should it?
She became more and more lost as her teachers tell her she’s a burden not worth waiting for, hoping it may quicken her pace.

After all, lending an ear would offer a broken back.
By the time Sophia’s tiny feet have grown, others will surely follow the beat of her footsteps.

She will undoubtably lend an ear.

© Sayer Teller


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