The Moment

The moment we choose to do something is the moment we truly live. Life is about the balance of warmth and cold. When an atom is moving, it is warm. If an atom is stagnant, it is cold.

We ourselves shift through these states when something arises. We simply choose to act, or not. There are three responses that people can choose from when faced with adversity, and from these three responses, more complex actions are formulated. You may be very familiar with the first two, and those are the Fight and Flight responses. However, there is a third that is less talked about and that is the Freeze response. Many times, to Freeze is a response, yet just as the other two, it can also be a conscious choice. I would like to suggest that it is the most prevalent choice during trying times, when it should be either of the others that would set things straight, either for the individual or the whole. Of course, there may be wisdom in Freezing on occasions, such as a thing requiring patience, but life generally rewards action. Life doesn’t wait around for anyone, but on the other hand, to practice mindfulness and patience goes a long way in its own right and should absolutely be practiced. The choice of Fight or take Flight as opposed to the subconscious response, to me, is to either take action by confronting something or by avoiding something, and these can typically bring us out of harms way or into it. But to do nothing at any given moment, is to accept, whatever inevitable force comes your way, is making the choice of what befalls you. So, you must ask yourself, ‘Am I truly in control of my life? Or is someone, or something else?’ I regularly make checks to see what is congruent in my life, what is being mismanaged, and whether or not something is worth time and effort over something else.

Certainly, we could step into the realm of freewill at any time during thoughts like these. However, whatever side anyone leans on, if we do or don’t have freewill, we should always question if whatever it is we believe in is giving power to ourselves, someone else, or something else. What you may find is you feel healthier under either one perspective/belief or another. Is your destiny guiding you, or are you guiding your destiny? People sometimes find solace in one or the other, but I urge you to consider living in the moment, because the moment isn’t just a concept, it is where all current life dwells, and life generally rewards those who choose to actively be part of it.


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